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Mission and Guiding Principles


Implement a financial management system that can grow with UC Merced, meet the reporting needs of faculty and administrators, and enable the division to fulfill its mandate as steward of the campus’ financial resources and to provide excellent service.

Guiding Principles

  • Leverage work done by partners. Leverage the work (Common Chart of Accounts, Business Processes, Configuration) done by our partners (UCSD, UCLA, UCOP) where possible with minimum changes to reduce project complexity/risk and effort/cost.
  • Use Lean and Agile methodologies. Oracle Financials is designed to be flexible and we anticipate that it will grow and change over time as our processes improve and Institutional risks/requirements change. While every effort will be made to consider all business processes, we do not expect to be able to solve every problem by launch day. For more on Agile development, see Our Approach.
  • Use out-of-box functionality and processes. As a University, we will review how business is currently conducted and adopt a set of best practices that promotes a culture of increased efficiency. To facilitate this process, we must rely on the standard functionality and processes built into Oracle Financials where possible.
  • Choose Simplicity over Complexity. Complex processes are more error prone and often contain unnecessary steps. Keeping in line with our best practices, flexibility and agility is best achieved by keeping things simple and consistent.
  • Make timely decisions. With the expedited timeline, completing the project and yielding a functional product is better than achieving perfection. We will leverage our business partners, users, and stakeholders by engaging them throughout the project and being receptive to their ideas.