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Alpha Financials Go-Live Toolkit
Prepare for Day 1 and beyond in Oracle Cloud
Why Here, Why Now
Learn more about why we are replacing the campus' financial system and the benefits of a modern financial system.  
What It Will Mean for UC Merced
The Alpha Financials project is tasked with modernizing UC Merced's financial systems.
An Unprecendented Opportunity
From lab supplies to major construction projects, the Common Chart of Accounts captures it all for our accounting purposes.


Effective January 4, 2021, UC Merced is go-live with Oracle Cloud Financials. All financial transactions will take place in Oracle Cloud and UC Merced will use the new Common Chart of Accounts, replacing the Full Accounting Unit. Please go to the Go-Live Toolkit for resources to support you for day 1 and beyond.

Inside the Project


Our Mission

Implement a financial management system that can grow with UC Merced, meet the reporting needs of faculty and administrators, and enable the division to fulfill its mandate as steward of the campus’ financial resources and to provide excellent service.

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Our Timeline

The Division of Finance and Administration started the Alpha Financials project in 2018. The new financial system is scheduled to be production-ready in December 2020, then go live and be put into use by UC Merced in January 2021.

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Chart of Accounts

The chance to rethink and modernize the university's accounting practices by restructuring the Chart of Accounts is one of the biggest opportunities addressed by the Alpha Financials project.

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Oracle Toolkit

The Oracle Toolkit is your one-stop repository for resources to help you navigate the financial management system. The toolkit includes how-to videos, step-by-step guides, and links to contact, helpful sites and training materials.

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