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How does PPFM fit into the overall Contracts & Grants ecosystem?


Below is a high-level visual of the future state end-to-end Contracts/Grants journey – including touchpoints, realms of ownership, and areas of collaboration. Faculty will always initiate the Contracts/Grants process, where it’s then supported by groups within ORED (Note: ORED-CGA will continue to manage guidance, policy and non-financial post award functions from award setup- closeout through solid partnerships with DFA and established relationships with faculty and sponsors) with DFA managing the data within the financial system. From there, ongoing financial management (including regular reporting), compliance (including monitoring and notification of spend limits and allowable spend types) and eventual closeout of Contracts/Grants will be handled by PPFM.

It should be noted that the below diagram 1 represents the existing process; however, modifications to the proposal and awards process are currently being developed in order to increase the level of Faculty support provided. Further, all communications within the green bubble are system generated notices and automated communications from the new Oracle based Alpha Financial System designed to be automatically delivered to Faculty, Research Administrators, and ORED in order to support research.